Turnkey Prototyping Service

Our turnkey prototyping service is designed to make it easy for you to take your design from layout to finished prototype hardware.

We have a simple 3-step process to turn your idea into a reality.

  • PCB Manufacture

Send your gerbers to us and we'll have your boards made to order, we support up to 4 layers in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

  • Parts Sourcing

We'll source the parts you need for your design. We don't keep stock so any overs will be sent to you with your finished prototypes. We buy components for each order so you get exactly the parts you specify - no substitutions or generic parts here. You can also opt to send your parts to us for assembly.

  • Assembly

Once we have your boards and components, we'll put them together to make your prototypes. We use stencil and reflow techniques to give the best quality soldering for even the smallest components.

Service Details

PCB Requirements

Minimum trace width: 6mil Minimum trace/vias/pads space : 6mil
Minimum silkscreen width : 4mil Minimum silkscreen text size : 32mil
Drilling Hole (Mechanical): 0.3mm-6.35mm Finish Hole (Mechanical): 0.3mm-6.30mm
Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical): 0.08mm SMT min Solder Mask Width: 0.1mm
Min Solder Mask Clearance: 0.1mm Plug Hole Diameter: 0.25-0.60mm

You must not panelise your gerbers, we will only accept a single design.
Slots and cut-outs aren't allowed in your design.
We test all your boards unless you ask us not to.
Please keep most of your SMT components on one side. If there are any issues with the components on either side we will let you know.
Turnaround time for PCB manufacture is approx. 21 days.
Note: We may put a number on your boards silkscreen layer for reference.

Turnaround time for assembly is usually 10 days. This is not including PCB manufacture, stencil procurement, or part sourcing.
We can use most components but fine pitch or no-lead packages will incur an extra charge.
Please remember to include assembly drawings and indicate clearly any polarity markings on your silkscreen.

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